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Who WE ARE...

Zone01 Kisumu aims at changing the life of its future employees by providing a means for them to reach excellence in the Tech industry.

To go through this life changing experience, all you need to do to start your journey with us is by playing our online games. There are no pre conditions required except you be above 18 years and be proficient in English.

Now, let's see how it works

<Step 1>

Play the 90-minute online games to uncover your potential as a full stack developer. You only need to be 18 years old and to have finished High School. You will know immediately if you have passed. You have two attempts to replay the games.

<Step 2>

We invite the best performers in the online games to register for the 4-week in person intense selection event called "Piscine" during which you will have a glance at what your future life as a skilled full stack developer will look like. If selected, you will join the Zone01 Kisumu community.

<Step 3>

Become a trainee and follow the 2-years induction training based on our peer to peer learning experience which will transform you into a highly skilled full stack developer. This will take place in-person in Kisumu.

<Step 4>

Become a Talent with a guaranteed contract of employment for 3 years or more with our global Talent Agency

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Career paths

0-18 months

19-24 months


Imagine being able to master different languages such as JavaScript, Rust and GoLang and build an innovative, agile mind that can solve problems through creative application of tech.

No teachers, only mentors!

Yet, it provides you with the opportunity to learn these languages from scratch through peer to peer activities. Our innovative model enables you to acquire coding skills, while building your framework on how to teach yourself hundreds of different languages.

Learning on the job. With the core skills developed, you get an opportunity to select a career path of your choice and become an expert through real world experience

Artificial Intelligence

Video games Development


Cyber Security & DevOps

Mobile and web app development

Data Engineering

3 years guaranteed job contract!

All our talents are offered a guaranteed full-time position at our global talent agency for a minimum of 3 years offering a competitive pay package.

Take the challenge

Who is it for?

<World class education made accessible to all in Kisumu, regardless of experience>

<Early career starters>

Not in Education, Employment, or Training. Looking to find work in the fast growing tech sector

<Career Switcher or Returners>

Looking for a mid career refreshor returning from an absence

<Experienced professionals>

Brings wealth of experience but looking to reskill and keep up with global digital transformation


<Tuition-Free Training>

Get trained without paying any tuition fees, no registration fees, no examination fees are required throughout the duration of the course.

<Job Guarantee>

100% Guaranteed job placement by local and global top hiring talent agencies upon fully covering the self-paced learning content.

<Study Stipend>

During the 2-year training period, our talent get monthly stipend among other benefits to support them in fully focusing on their learning journey.

<Partners Club>

Connect and join a network of more than 100,000 digital peer to peer alumni globally that provide a supportive ecosystem for peer-to-peer learning and collaboration.

<High Market value>

Hired by top tech companies with a high average starting salary of 30% above market level with similar qualifications.

<Superior Talent>

Fully adaptable and equipped with hard and soft skills to work collaboratively in a fast-moving tech environment



Who can apply?

The Zone01 Kisumu digital training is open to anyone over 18 years old. No prior programming experience or academic qualifications are required to apply.

Diversity and inclusion are key elements of Zone01's mission. We therefore particularly encourage women, refugees, ethnic minorities and people from disadvantaged backgrounds to apply.

When can i apply?

Applications are currently open. The first step is to take online cognitive tests. Check out this page. Join us to create your profile and then access the tests.

The online cognitive tests results are evaluated at the latest within 2 weeks preceding each Piscine. If no piscine date is announced, applications may be temporarily suspended. In this case, you can consult the site regularly to stay informed of the next Piscine dates.

How much does the training cost?

The training is tuition-free, no registration fees, tuition fees or examination fees are required throughout the duration of the course. However the selected candidates will be contractually obligated to complete the 5-year engagement to the best of their ability failure to which certain costs will apply.

What is Zone01 training?

Zone01 Kisumu offers a 2-year training program and is the start of your career as a full stack developer followed by a 3-year guaranteed job contract

It consists of:

  • 18 months of free training, based on the resolution of projects, which will allow you to acquire complete skills in software development
  • 12 months of work-study to deepen your skills and work on projects of partner companies.
  • 6 months of professional training on projects of partner companies.
  • 3 years guaranteed job contract

Is it an e-learning (distance) training?

No, the training offered by Zone01 Kisumu is not an e-learning training, it is a face-to-face training (on site).

Is the program full-time and how many days per week does it take?

This is an intensive program based on the principle of peer learning, you will have to make sure that, during group work, you are able to work at the same time as the other learners.

To offer the greatest flexibility to everyone, the campus is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Access to the campus is therefore done in such a way that you can come and go without time constraints.

The program is entirely self paced.

Do I have to have a laptop to be able to join the training?

The campus is equipped to allow each learner to work on a computer. It is not necessary to have a personal computer to be part of the training.

Where will I work after the 2 year training?

After spending 2 years acquiring the necessary skills to become a full-stack developer, you are guaranteed employment according to these 3 options:

  1. Work full-time in our talent agency on various freelance projects
  2. Work full-time for one of our partner companies
  3. Combine your own entrepreneurial project and a part-time job in our talent agency.

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