Join our passionate, hardworking team and help us prepare learners for their future careers in tech.

What we offer

<Tuition Free Training>

Get trained without paying any tuition fees, no registration fees, no examination fees are required throughout the duration of the course.

<Job Guarantee>

100% Guaranteed job placement by local and global top hiring talent agencies upon fully covering the self-paced learning content.

<Study Stipend>

During the 2-year training period, our talent get monthly stipend among other benefits to support them in fully focusing on their learning journey.

<Partners Club>

Connect and join a network of more than 100,000 digital peer to peer alumni globally that provide a supportive ecosystem for peer-to-peer learning and collaboration.

<High Market value>

Hired by top tech companies with a high average starting salary of 30% above market level with similar qualifications.

<Superior Talent>

Fully adaptable and equipped with hard and soft skills to work collaboratively in a fast-moving tech environment