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LakeHub is an innovative non-profit organization dedicated to bridge the skills gap and create a brighter future for Kenya’s tech workforce of tomorrow. Our vision is to decentralize access to technology tools, growing entrepreneurship and social innovation for young people. We believe that Africa’s youth are a crucial resource to the continent’s future and we are working to provide them with tools and opportunities they need to succeed.
The County Government of Kisumu is dedicated to transforming the lives of its residents through accountable and effective leadership, rooted in integrity. With a strong emphasis on participation and the pursuit of quality services, the government aims to create a prosperous county that serves as a harbor of excellence.
01Talent Africa is the pan-African talent agency of 01Talent International group, which aims to identify, develop and connect to the professional world 1 million high-level developers in the world by 2035 through the combination of a proven educational model and a sustainable and exponential economic model.
United Cities and Local Governments Africa (hereinafter referred to as “UCLG Africa”) is the African section of the world Organization UCGL, composed of 44 national associations of local and regional governments from all regions of Africa, as well as 2000 cities, representing overall nearly 350 million African citizens and communities.


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