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5 Most Asked Questions About Zone01 Kisumu

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January 30, 2024

Happy New Year!

Ideally, the first blogpost of the year should be a warm welcome to the year, some jokes about January lasting 90 days and a positive outlook for the year ahead as we tell you about upcoming events and activities in the months ahead. We intended this blog to follow that route. But TikTok had other ideas. 

You must have seen this TikTok posted by James Okoth of Ramogi TV in which our Site Director, Caleb Nyoiro spoke about Zone01 Kisumu. You might have also seen some of our activities on social media and seen our staff speaking on tv, radio or on social media about the opportunities that exist at Zone01 Kisumu.

Understandably, we've been asked many questions about who we are and what we do. We'll answer the 5 most popular questions below.

1. How do I sign up to join Zone01 Kisumu?

The application process is fairly straightforward. You apply by playing an online game meant to test your skills as a future fullstack developer. The application link is learn.zone01kisumu.ke.

2 Are you (like) a school?

Not exactly. We are a centre of collective intelligence. With us, you learn from your peers, you manage your own time and you learn at your own pace. Unlike a school/college, we do not have lectures, timetables or teachers.

3. Do you give certificates at the end of the tuition-free training?

In the traditional system of education, learning institutions often give out certificates based on completion of course units, class attendance, passing your exams and clearing your school fees, etc. The Zone01 pedagogy is tuition-free, with no classes or exams. Our model of learning prepares you for direct employment with our talent agency.

4. Do you have virtual classes?

We learn through peer-to-peer model. It means that throughout your tuition-free training, you will be required to be at Zone01 Kisumu in person so that you reap maximum benefits from the process.

5. When is the deadline for applications?

We recruit talent throughout the year. You can apply to join Zone01 Kisumu anytime. From anywhere.

We've answered more questions about us on our FAQs. Happy reading, and Happy 2024.