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New Approach to Learning

Written By:
James Odede
Published On:
August 1, 2023

“If you want to travel fast, travel alone, if you want to travel far, travel together”.

Zone01 Kisumu’s training model gets its strength from its capacity to  unlock the diverse talents from each of our students, making them more stable, open to others and as such, able to integrate themselves in the abundant collective intelligence of the diversity. 

We chose to replace some of the usual education foundations, such as the concepts of teacher and student, curriculum, attendance, subject and theory, with a more modern method that is intended to produce people who are independent, thorough, creative and talented. 

“Theory must come from practice and not the reverse”

From day one our learners are exposed to writing computer code. This approach of centring learning on concrete projects offers a considerable advantage in terms of objectivity. Learning by doing project-based methodology is a proven and effective way to produce well-prepared talents compared to traditional teacher-led and memoization educational systems.

At Zone 01 Kisumu, you will be challenged with applied projects using today’s technologies and not theory! Our approach is innovative, fun, gamified and based on the proven 01 Edu global network of coding schools. Our curriculum is always up-to-date and evolving in order to remain relevant to the industry.

We have mentors who help support the learners, but we won’t give you the answers! Instead, we replicate the working environment and challenge you to become problem-solvers which are the skills that will sustain and propel your career.