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Safeguarding at Zone01 Kisumu

Written By:
Daisy Achieng
Published On:
March 15, 2024

Modern workplaces exist in an environment where, based on their involvement in the community, they are not only accountable to the community but to the society as a whole. Zone01 Kisumu is no different. Because of the nature of our work with young people i.e. recruitment, training and employment, the need to build processes that keep applicants, candidates and staff safe from abuse, neglect and discrimination is a solemn duty that cannot be left to chance. In corporate speak, we call it Safeguarding.

Safeguarding demands that organizations take actions to keep vulnerable populations safe from neglect, discrimination, sexual exploitation, abuse, harassment and other forms of harm caused by the abuse of power, as well as addressing the harm caused by the organization's staff, associates, operations, and programs. Safeguarding is not a destination but a never-ending journey. It’s a mix of policies, procedures, processes and continuous training. 

Mr. Peter Ouma Muga recounting the history of Safeguarding

To effectively build safeguarding capacity at Zone01 Kisumu, we welcomed Global Development Incubator’s (GDI), Peter Ouma Muga, for a Safeguarding Workshop attended by our staff. In this day-long session, Peter reminded us that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility, that we must ensure that everyone at Zone01 Kisumu and our processes do not harm the vulnerable populations that we work with or put them at risk of abuse or exploitation which can take many forms including; physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, financial/material abuse, neglect and acts of omission, self-neglect, discriminatory abuse, and organizational abuse.

At Zone01 Kisumu, our prevention priorities include but are not just limited to safe recruitment, hiring, and onboarding of candidates and staff; capacity building and awareness raising; accountability in our actions; and ensuring appropriate resources are directed towards mainstreaming safeguarding in our operations. It goes beyond. We promise to SPOT IT, STOP IT, REPORT IT.