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Zone 01 Kisumu First Piscine

Written By:
Deril Aduda
Published On:
November 21, 2023

On the shores of the great Lake Victoria, an extraordinary coding revolution has kicked off. After months of receiving applications from across the country, Zone01 Kisumu opened its doors to over 300 young men and women who had performed well and passed the gamified application tests.

First, we hosted three check-in sessions at our campus in Lake Basin Mall along Kisumu-Vihiga Road.  These sessions were specifically designed to provide our applicants with a deeper understanding of the next steps in their journey to become full stack developers.  We also used the sessions to cross-check and confirm the details of the candidates as shared during their application process.

We then opened the Piscine (selection bootcamp). The piscine is a French term that loosely translates to swimming pool. Figuratively, we threw the applicants to the deep end of the swimming pool, starting them off with coding tasks on day 1, to see who could learn how to swim.

For 4 weeks , 100 aspiring developers went through our unique yet intense selection process meant to establish their suitability for our peer to peer pedagogy . The Piscine tested the candidates ability to create and maintain effective collaborative relationships among themselves. They were pushed to the limits. Like diamonds in the rough, we have witnessed talent emerge from the Piscine.

Our intention is to polish these diamonds to become world-class fullstack developers.